Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Lady of Leisure

Today I spent my day as a lady of leisure, which is not something I should get used to seen as I in fact work full time haha.

Despite it being my day off, it did not start leisurely, I woke up at 7 and could not sleep any longer. However, i did then have a leisurely hour on Etsy, seeing how everyone all over the world is doing and a leisurely breakfast.

I then headed for the city to meet one of my closest friends at work (even on my day off I am in that place) for coffee and then onto meet another of my closest friends for lunch. We had Chinese and it was soooo tasty!

The best part about my day was being able to walk round all the interesting parts of the city thinking about the wonderful things in life I would love to do, something I rarely have the time to do anymore.

I spent a long time in Borders too, and treated myself to a specialist magazine (one of those really expensive ones, that you always wonder why they are such a high price)

Tonight I have been working on leaflets for a charity event I am helping with so haven't got any work to show yet

Although I was creating postcard sets ready for St Patrick's day late last night

Monday, 23 February 2009

Optimism Restored

Today was a very dragging day at work, as the were virtually no customers to serve, rendering my day boring as sin.
However since I have got home a reverted to my etsy/art side of the day things have very much picked up. I had a lovely email from a fellow Etsian to say she had featured me in her treasury, check it out:

Also I have been investigating selling my work in an actual bricks and mortar shop, very exciting stuff.

I am also currently preparing for my very first craft fair, which is on the 4th of April in Cambridge. It is an event called Handm@de Cambridge and you can check out the event's blog here:

It feels very nice to have settled down from the hoo haa of sorting out a new job back into my old routine at my messy desk, with a cat "helping"

Off to create new pieces now!

Sunday, 22 February 2009


I know I know, I have said before, I shall stop taking unexpected blog brakes, but I shall this time, now I have sorted everything out with the new job and may actually spend some time at home on my day off, I can put things back to they're rightful ways with my Etsy shop, blog and my studio haha.

Today I went out shopping for supplies with my Mum. I didn't really but anything interesting, but I did get some cotton canvas which I have been wanting to print my art prints onto as I have read great things about it and it made the prints look fabulous, I think I shall revert over to this medium, if not entirely, it will definitely be available for all prints.

We also had coffee in such a strange, quaint, slightly cheap and nasty coffee shop
I got to visit the lovely little dolls house shop too and go into a partly old fashioned sweet shop and get some lovely sweets.

A new piece in my shop tonight too, a piece I painted a while ago but have only just listed:

Look Into My Eye Print