Sunday, 4 September 2011

The first crumble of the year and my first Herman!

Today, we had 2 of our dearest friends over to drink lots of wine and eat lots of food!
I rustled up a vegetable pie and some roast potatoes after a series of disasters.

I had original planned to make a lentil roast (much like a nut roast minus the nuts) but I realised I had no loaf tin to bake it in :( then I discovered the lentils needed to boil for 45 minutes before I could use them.
Lastly something horrible happened to the first batch of pastry that Mike made, luckily I whizzed up another batch was all fine!

Also today was the day I made my first crumble of the year, a blackberry (from the blackberries I picked the other day) and raspberry.

I hoping the fact that it was all gobbled up before I could take any photos means they all enjoyed it.

Sarah brought me a Herman Cake to look after, I had never heard of a Herman cake before, but it sounded like such a lovely thing to do, it comes with daily instructions, I have to feed him, stir him and even talk to him :)

I'm off to eat the cheeky scraps left of the crumble, have any of you ever had a Herman cake?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's officially Autumn!

The 1st of September is here and some may say I'm crazy, but in my eyes, that makes it officially Autumn and what a dent we made in the first day of Autumn.
I made these gluten free and vegan cupcakes...

Mum made soup and we went blackberry picking ready for my first crumble of the year on Sunday. I also gained a fruit bowl (thanks Mum).

She gave me some of her homemade jam too :)

I also had my whole knitting technique re-written, we discovered my Great Nannie had taught me to knit by looping anti-clockwise instead of clockwise, leaving me with a twisted stitch. I was taught to hold my tension in such a way that once I've grasped it I should be able to knit like fury. I was like learning to knit all over again.

I almost forgot the squashes I have gotten this week, ready for my favorite time of year (yes, how did you guess, Autumn.) Anyone that knows me well, knows I have an absolute obsession for squashes of all shapes and sizes, I love finding new ones, my net challenge is to grow some.

Paquito and Gem Squash!

My 1st of September was finished off with this scrumptious vegan dinner...

Dan Dan Noodles with Spicy Tofu

Kitchen Porn

Kitchen Porn is a phrase often used by me and those close to me. It quite literally is me cooing over china or cooking wear I can't afford.
I was in Jarrolds yesterday and fell in love with this set from Portmeirion...

I am smitten :)

On the subejct of kitchen porn, whilst in Jarrolds, I fell upon something I have been lusting after for quite some time, I joked and said "this is what I'm saving up for"

I have wanted this gorgeous purple casserole dish by Le Creuset for quite some time now but at £145 a pop I think I shall have to keep on wishing.