Thursday, 12 February 2015

Work Out Wednesday

So today I'm going to talk a little bit about my current exercise routine.
I have been running since April last year.  I was a complete beginner and did a 6 week C25K training plan, 6 weeks before my first 5K race (can you tell I was a beginner not by not leaving myself any wiggle room in training time before the race).

Since my 5K race in June and have had periods of time with no running, the longest being almost 3 months,  I always feel like I have to start right back at the beginning.
However, since New Year I have gotten my fitness to a point where I can comfortably run between 1.5 and 2 miles no matter how long I leave between runs.

I had been searching and searching for a training plan suitable for me.  The C25K ones all seem to not challenging enough for me as they alternate running with walking for the first few weeks.  The next step up in training plans I could find was for 10K and this is too challenging for me right now.

I normally use the RunKeeper app to track my runs but last week I downloaded the Nike+ Running app and I love it.  I have found a 5K training plan that I can work with on there, I am not following it exactly as I don't feel I need to alternate walking but the distances are perfect for me right now.  I am also not necessarily running on the days the training plan suggests as there are only certain times of the week I can realistically get out for a run.

My 8 week training plan looks like this...

Week 1...
Run 1 - 2.4km
Run 2 - 1.6km
Run 3 - 3.2km

Week 2...
Run 1 - 3.2km
Run 2 - Walk (free choice distance run)
Run 3 - 4.8km

Week 3...
Run 1 - 4.8km
Run 2 - Walk (free choice distance run)
Run 3 - 6.4km

Week 4...
Run 1 - 6.4km
Run 2 - 4.8km
Run 3 - 8.0km

Week 5...
Run 1 - 5.6km
Run 2 - 5.6km
Run 3 - 8.9km
Run 4 - 6.4km

Week 6...
Run 1 - 6.4km
Run 2 - 5.6km
Run 3 - 6.4km 
Run 4 - 8.9km

Week 7...
Run 1 - 6.4km
Run 2 - 8.0km
Run 3 - 6.4km
Run 4 - 6.4km

Week 8...
Run 1 - 4.8km
Run 2 - 6.4km
Run 3 - 1.6km
Run 4 - Race 5k

What fitness plans are you all following at the moment? 

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