Sunday, 1 April 2012

A few product reviews - Gnaw, Choices, The Village Bakery Melmerby and more!!!

In the past few weeks I have discovered some really yummy vegan and dairy free products...

I found these in the reduced section of my local whole food shop, Rainbow, and they are amazing!! They are not vegan as they have eggs in them but they are dairy free :) and they are so gooey and super chocolaty.
To find out a bit more about The Village Bakery Melmerby have a look at their website.

I went hunting for these chocolates, I often have Choices Celtic dark chocolate bars so I knew these were going to be good. I managed to find them in the "free from section" at Morrison's for £2.50, a bit more than I normally spend on chocolate, but definitely great for a treat. I especially wanted these as I rarely find dairy free caramel chocolates.
Choices also do some lovely, affordable, dairy free/vegan easter eggs, I found them in Holland and Barrett.

I discovered this product a couple of years ago and I still adore them. They are the best onion bahjis around! I believe they are made by Gobblins but I get them from Rainbow.

I have talked about these guys before, I saw the Naked Pie on my last trip to Rainbow and with them at such a great price I couldn't resist and I love this flavour as much as the Ginger and Orange peel one :) I am yet to find a flavour I don't like!

Living in Norwich I have seen Gnaw a lot but until this week had not tried any of their beautiful looking chocolate. This one was another find in the reduced section of Rainbow and I was unsure if I would like the ginger as in the past I have not been the biggest fan of ginger (especially in chocolate) but I think my taste buds must have grown to really appreciate it as I have aged. This chocolate was gone in an afternoon and I wished I'd picked up a couple of bars, hopefully Rainbow will still have some on Monday!!
I love the letter detailing on the chocolate bar :)

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