Thursday, 1 January 2009

To a Rory Year

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Year, apologies for the unexpected leave of absence but today is a new year a new stream of posts will ensue.

I opted for the photoless Christmas this year so not much to share, why don't you all tell me about yours???

In the spirit of new year I am still finalising what my New Years Resolutions will be, what have you guys opted for???

A final though I would like to leave you with, look at this photo I found:

Being it New Year and all, I have decided to open up a caption competition for this picture, the best one shall win a prize :)
Just leave your caption in a comment and I shall judge at the end of the month

Happy New Year :)


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

My parents have been here from Michigan for about 2 weeks, so that was by far my best Christmas gift :)

No resolutions yet...I guess I haven't found the ambition yet?

The New Chester Cheetah Bed Set! (Those look like cheetos to me!)

Punkinhead said...

Henry always wondered what happened to the carrot sticks on their weekly Trivia Pursuit Night deli trays... apparently, his wife was stashing them, in case there was a shortage.

StunningAnnaK said...

My caption:

MAC, superior to the PC and it even makes you Cheetos.

Joy (a.k.a. The Monkey) said...

Dangerously cheesy avalanche.

Cattoo said...

My caption:

Everyone likes cheesy Wotsits and Tesco was selling them cheap, so I decided thats all my New Years Eve party needed!!

Take A Bow said...

Didnt do much this holiday too. But it wasnt bad :)

Adodie said...

At last we know the reason for the unnatural occurrence of ginger people. Addiction to Wotsits.