Friday, 2 January 2015

Filofax Friday: 2015 Set Up

On my first Filofax Friday post I am going to talking about how I came to start using my Filofax/Planner, where I got my inspiration from and what my 2015 set up is starting to look like.

When thinking about writing this post I thought about how I first discovered the world of custom planners and all the world that surrounds it and I couldn't remember.
Looking through many of the recent pins on my Organisation Board, they are all Filofax/Planner related but as I scrolled down through my Pins I realised I pinned some links to custom Filofax set ups a while back and this must have been where I discovered it.
It turns out the second pin on my Organisation Board is a custom daily insert for planners which links to a blog post by Penny Procrastinate on Creating Custom Filofax pages.

Pin: Penny Procrastinate's blog post

As any of you who use Pinterest will know, you can bounce off onto the next pin and then next and before you know it you have become very knowledgeable.  It transpires the first pin that educated me to the idea that there was a huge community of people customising and decorating their Planners/Filofax was of Birthday's list page leading to a blog post by HomeMadeKraft about This Week's Pages.

Pin: HomeMadeKraft's blog post

At some point I discovered DIYfish inserts.  If your not familiar with DIYfish inserts hop on over here to find out all about them!

For my 2015 Filofax set up I have dragged out my old Pocket Denim Filofax.  I have had this since 2008 so its looking a little tatty.  I have also bought the DIYfish 3 month trial V2.2 set with day-on-1-page in Pocket Size 

Next in the name of money saving I decided to have a go at making my own divider.  These are by no means tidy and certainly meet planner addict standards but it was my first attempt so I'm not too disheartened.

Some temporary tabs at the top

Moving onto the actual inserts, I am beginning by using my monthly check sheet to keep track of goals that pertain to being done everyday

I have no idea what to use this side of the monthly sheet for yet, what do you all use yours for?

This side of the weekly sheet I will use left hand smaller column for a brief overview of my appointments and the right hand larger column I shall use for checklists/goals that vary slightly from day to day such as planned activities with my Son and household chores/FlyLady tasks.
As you can see I have started to colour code, I won't go into that now but if it is something you would like to see in blog post in the future let me know.

The weekly chart I have managed to find a use for both sides 

The checklist I am going to use to keep track of daily chores and FlyLady tasks.  The flip side I will be using for meal planning as it has the perfect amount of lines.  However, I am not convinced my handwriting is small enough to fit my meals in the boxes (as you can see above with my abbreviations) and I am certain the list on the right hand side is not big enough for my weekly groceries shopping list.  I may have to upgrade to a larger Filofax in the future.

Again the issue of my handwriting being too big/Pocket size Filofax being too small has cropped up on the daily sheets.  Aside from that though I love them.  I have blocked out my appointments on the right hand side and keep some bullet points on the left hand side.  I really love the water tracker feature just under the date but I don't think I will use the weather and mood tracker (well not for the moment anyway.)

I talked yesterday about some of my goals for 2015 being about organising my finances a bit better.  I found 2 fab free printouts to help with that.  The first is the 52 Week Saving Challenge.  This beautiful printable comes from A Helicopter Mom 

Pin: Free Printable from A Helicopter Mom

The second is an Annual Bill Tracker from Organizing Homelife 

Pin: Free Printable from Organizing Homelife 
As you can see I am by no means finished setting up and very much a beginner when it come to custom planners but be sure to check back and see how my Filofax set up develops and possibly even upgrades a size.

Check in tomorrow for my first Style Saturday post!

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