Monday, 5 January 2015

Meal Plan Monday: January

A while back I used to do a monthly meal plan instead of a weekly one but it didn't work for. I would end up abandoning ship by half way through week 2. There are 2 main reasons I think that method didn't work for me then are that I only planned dinner and I tried to shop monthly. Fresh vegetables and monthly shops do not go together. 

This January I decided to give a month meal plan another shot but this time I will be shopping weekly and planning all three meals. 

I have used a meal plan from Keeper of the Home for the first weeks with a few swap ins for breakfast. For the third week I have used ideas from Beach Ready Now's meal plan and for the final week I have added some recipes from Pinterest I would like to try. 
As you can see I haven't yet filled in lunches for the final week. I will do this at some point next week when I have a better idea of how much money we have left in our groceries budget. 

Do you meal plan? Do you find it helps you eat well or save money? How do you meal plan in your house? I'd love to hear! 

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