Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Red Polka Dot Love

This year I have absolutely fallen in love with red and polka dots. This season I have the red dress below for work (I am secretly toying with whether to buy the blue one too) and I recently missed out on a red and a blue polka dot mac on Fashion Union which were reduced to £7 each (I was going to have both colours, so gutted!)

So in search for these macs I missed out on or a suitable replacement I came across some gorgeous other red polka dot items and decided to dedicate this post to all things red polka dot.

I found loaddddsss of kitchen things that come in red polka dot and I want them all.
I have a bit of a red theme in my kitchen already, so I am now making it my mission to add lots of these things to my kitchen hehe...

Item imageItem image

Item image

1 comment:

Joy said...

Very pretty. Better keep a close eye on my little red dotty teapot next time you come to my house. x