Sunday, 4 September 2011

The first crumble of the year and my first Herman!

Today, we had 2 of our dearest friends over to drink lots of wine and eat lots of food!
I rustled up a vegetable pie and some roast potatoes after a series of disasters.

I had original planned to make a lentil roast (much like a nut roast minus the nuts) but I realised I had no loaf tin to bake it in :( then I discovered the lentils needed to boil for 45 minutes before I could use them.
Lastly something horrible happened to the first batch of pastry that Mike made, luckily I whizzed up another batch was all fine!

Also today was the day I made my first crumble of the year, a blackberry (from the blackberries I picked the other day) and raspberry.

I hoping the fact that it was all gobbled up before I could take any photos means they all enjoyed it.

Sarah brought me a Herman Cake to look after, I had never heard of a Herman cake before, but it sounded like such a lovely thing to do, it comes with daily instructions, I have to feed him, stir him and even talk to him :)

I'm off to eat the cheeky scraps left of the crumble, have any of you ever had a Herman cake?

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