Monday, 23 February 2009

Optimism Restored

Today was a very dragging day at work, as the were virtually no customers to serve, rendering my day boring as sin.
However since I have got home a reverted to my etsy/art side of the day things have very much picked up. I had a lovely email from a fellow Etsian to say she had featured me in her treasury, check it out:

Also I have been investigating selling my work in an actual bricks and mortar shop, very exciting stuff.

I am also currently preparing for my very first craft fair, which is on the 4th of April in Cambridge. It is an event called Handm@de Cambridge and you can check out the event's blog here:

It feels very nice to have settled down from the hoo haa of sorting out a new job back into my old routine at my messy desk, with a cat "helping"

Off to create new pieces now!

1 comment:

Grandma62 said...

Yep this is what cats are doing. I have three and the want up an behind the comp and nicky prefer s to type for me:-).
Love your blog.