Sunday, 22 February 2009


I know I know, I have said before, I shall stop taking unexpected blog brakes, but I shall this time, now I have sorted everything out with the new job and may actually spend some time at home on my day off, I can put things back to they're rightful ways with my Etsy shop, blog and my studio haha.

Today I went out shopping for supplies with my Mum. I didn't really but anything interesting, but I did get some cotton canvas which I have been wanting to print my art prints onto as I have read great things about it and it made the prints look fabulous, I think I shall revert over to this medium, if not entirely, it will definitely be available for all prints.

We also had coffee in such a strange, quaint, slightly cheap and nasty coffee shop
I got to visit the lovely little dolls house shop too and go into a partly old fashioned sweet shop and get some lovely sweets.

A new piece in my shop tonight too, a piece I painted a while ago but have only just listed:

Look Into My Eye Print

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