Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Tree Number Three

I know, I know second post of the day but after good wine, a lovely homemade made chinese meal and good coffee I thought today was such a nice day (despite an unshakable headache and the current circumstances) that I just had to post a normal entry as well as a Featured Seller post.

So after lunch I headed to the post office and the library for a few errands and then off to Staples to take a cable back and got refunded more than I thought (I bought it in a bundle I'm not a thief hehe) and I almost went out the house like this (I put my hat on and didn't realise it hadn't flopped haha):
Then once home we put up our final tree, a 6.5 foot white sparkly one for the dinning room. getting it down from the eves of the garage triggered lots of screaming and giggling as we eventually just had to bash at it with a broom and let it fall down.

It was then a rather marathon job to get the tree up and decorated:

Yes, I had to climb underneath the Christmas tree!

Here it is all finished:

It has the prettiest lights but they don't show up :(


Emms said...

what a bold tree!
I just stumbled upon your blog...I think I'll follow for a bit!

Joy said...

I said the black and white would look great.