Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Today is my birthday :D

I am having a wonderful day. Went out with some friends and Mikey last night to party with lots of champagne then today I got breakfast cooked for me and Mum came round with Cadbury's Caramel Eggs, Cappuccinos and lovely presents.

My friend got me one of my favourite books...

Thanks Sean!

And Mum got me...

Liz Earl Goodies :D

An awesome kitty sewing kit :D

We then decided to go fabric shopping and I found some beautiful fabrics that inspired me so much, here they are...

Eastern Miniatures by Freedom Fabric

I want to make a tea dress out of this one!

Just Desserts by Diane Knott

Chick-a-dee Chick-a-doo by Robert Kaufman

There were a few others but I could not find them, but Mum bought me this one:

Polly goes to Paris by Henry Glass and I found on the net it also come in black...

No birthday is complete without some super cute new tricks from Minni

I had to include this picture of Minni attacking the camera when I tried to take a picture of her playing in the sink (she's such a diva hehe)


Steph said...

Lovely pressies and fabrics! Happy burfday for yesterday. :)

DingsInsainity said...

Thank you Steph and hank you very much for following my blog x