Friday, 5 February 2010

Mucho Progresso

On Monday night I broke my toe (or a least I think its broken) and have been off work since Tuesday and have gotten a lot done!

My knitting has come this far...

This top makes me look really wide haha

So with my 3 day weekend off work I had anyway I should get it finished and hopefully get some other things done too.

As promised I will show you the progress of my felted chick. I would have posted these pictures earlier except I could not find the body due to Minni running off with it when I wasn't looking and hiding it. It seems she has a penchant for fleece and felted items, she loves them more than catnip, she even (I think) broke my felting needle :( so from now on any felting related items shall be locked away from playing paws.

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