Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My First Day...

... to go out up the city, without crutches, alone. Something that has seemed so far away for a while now but I am finally getting back to normal :D
And a good day it was, I found out about some money I can get to support me while I get back into work gradually which is nice to know! I also was bad and did some shopping, whoops.
As always I got some CDs:
I also got some fab trousers:

good eh?

and I booked another tattoo, finally got the sketch done in about 15 minuets last night, after weeks of struggling and yielding awful results!

I thought I'd show you some more progress of the custom piece too:

More custom pieces coming out, so look out for them!

This afternoon Jenny and Matty came round which was lovely, Matty has got to such a cute age now he is talking:

the boys having fun :)

That's all for tonight, I am super tired!

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