Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sales, Shipping, Slurping and Printing, Posting, Village Pondering

I have just got back from a fairly lengthly walk in the village and am now blogging about my lovely day with a big mug of hot chocolate.

First thing this morning, as always (when i'm not working) on a Saturday, Josh, Mum and I bundlled into the car and went to watch Josh's swimming lesson.

After the lesson we all went into the town so I could get the last things so I could ship my very first order :)

We also perused round the lovely little shop called the Marmalade Tree and finished off with a steak slice from the bakery (I've been eating lots of these late, I do love them!) as a proper breakfast, a yoghurt just doesn't cut it.
Once home I began working on designing some labels, which didn't actually take that long after hours (yesterday) of agony trying to come up with ideas. I came to realise that in this situation less was definately more!

I then started with my printing, which I must admit, I do love printing for some reason:

my stickers and the print which is my very first sale!

I then set to work on all the little extras to go in with the print and I thoroughly enjoyed doing all these, I was truely in my element, If only I could make that my full time source of income!

the thankyou cards I made :)

all together!

finished and ready to be posted!

Creating packing up my first sale made me very happy and I hope there to be many more to come! I am donating 50% of all sales until midnight tonight (GMT) to Children In Need!

one final note my little helper today

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