Monday, 18 January 2010

Meat Free Monday

Today was my first Meat Free Monday (that was actually on a Monday), unfortunately it was a disappointing one.

I had...

Humous on toast for breakfast

Egg and tomato sandwiches for Lunch

Snacked on baked crisps (which were lovely) a little Milka chocolate (one with strawberry yogurt filling and one with caramel filling, soooooo good) and half a blueberry muffin

For dinner I order veggie chow mein from the Chinese and it was a massive let down, it seems with that Chinese takeaway you take away the chicken and you take away the chow mein flavour. I knew I should have order the Quorn in Schezwan Sauce.

What I wanted to cook for dinner (a probably will later in the week) was a Pea and Potato Curry recipe I found on From Scratch A blog from one of the Red Velvet Art girls.

I have to admit I have a new addiction in the form of
Whilst flicking through its lovely entries I discovered this fantastic chart which should help me get my 5 a day!

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