Monday, 25 January 2010

Meat Free Monday

This week Meat Free Monday was much more successful :D

I have had nibbley food throughout the day as I have had a MASSIVE migraine (which is annoying not only due to the horrendous pain but because I can't do anything but lay down when I have one)

Thankfully coffee and chocolate helped enormously, so much so I was able to make a trip to the fabric stall on the market and the post office

I found this little bargain on the fabric stall

This week for Meat Free Monday I cooked Vegetable Fajitas

Today I also got my Craft Swap present for Skunkboy Creations Craft Swap packaged up and sent off to the lovely DanityDaisies.
Here is a picture of the package all wrapped up, will blog about what I made once Michelle has recieved it, I want it to be a suprise:

Think I might wrap it up now seen as whilst writing this blog I have been making spicy pepper soup, peanut butter fudge and baked potato skin crisps, will upload photos in the morning!

Oh I nearly forgot a couple of cute photos of Minni I've been meaning to share.

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