Friday, 22 January 2010

Wolfmother and Willy Pasta

Just got back from a Wolfmother gig and am writing this with my ears still ringing.

Such an awesome gig though, couldn't take any photos though as I am so short :(

I want hair like Andrew Stockdale!

Just on a funny note I wanted to share with you the comical pasta I bought for Christmas and finally got around to cooking today

Yes if you hadn't guessed that is willy shaped pasta haha!

I am so zonked so before my post turns to tired nonsense I am going to grab the cat and cuddle up with 500 days of summer, I'll let you know how the film was tomorrow and hopefully have some studio update photos for you too!

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Monika said...

That green craft space is amazing. I will check back to see what you get up to. I am just about to rearrange mine. AGAIN. Grr I hate the process, but it is necessary as I keep out growing my space :lol: