Thursday, 21 January 2010

Studio Inspiration and Curry Hunt

Seen as I have 4 days off now after a long day at work (a whole weekend off work shocker) I am determined to get my studio finally finished, tidy and usable.

I have searching through Etsy Open Studio Flickr Group for some inspiration

There were so many beautiful spaces on there it was so hard to chose so I settled for 2 that were a similar size to my space:


Also today I had an accidental Meat Free day consisting of muffins, spicy noodles and I finally cooked the Potato and Pea Curry except it was Potato and Parsnip Curry, it was nice but I like curries with a bit more heat and flavour so am now on a hunt for some kick ass curry recipes, please please please tell me about any you know!

Another thing, I finally put a new piece up in my shop, its a new, very odd style for me but I'll see how it fairs, check it out:

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